About Us

Our Mission

“To proclaim the Gospel and Lordship of Jesus Christ to all mankind”

We care about…

building quality individual relationships with God through Jesus Christ.

providing genuine New Testament ministry for all believers.

reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

“To build a Biblical Congregation”

We are here to…

restore individuals through Christ and to growth in Christ

restore and build godly homes and marriages through the Biblical models.

restore, practice, and celebrate our Judaeo-Christian faith through praise, worship, and service.

Meet Our Team

John A. Looper

John A. Looper

Lead Pastor

Raymond McDonald

Raymond McDonald

Associate Pastor

Liz Absher

Liz Absher


Our Plans for the Future

2 Year Plan for 2016‑2017:

To double the size and membership of RFFWC with a “I Love My Church” community testimony.

5 Year Plan for 2016‑2020:

To develop and put into place the future Leadership Team for RFFWC and gradually pass off the responsibilities of leadership to them using the Moses-Joshua and Paul-Timothy Scriptural models.

10 Year Plan for 2016‑2025:

The developed and empowered Leadership Team and congregation continue the ministry of raising up, discipling, and empowering the emerging generations of church members and leaders.

Restoration Fellowship